For more than 35 years, China enforced a radical experiment in population control, restricting couples to a single child and imposing harsh penalties on those who violated the policy. In the 2019 Sundance U.S. Grand Jury Prize-winning documentary One Child Nation, Chinese-born filmmakers Nanfu Wang (Hooligan Sparrow) and Jialing Zhang dig fearlessly into the past with startling testimony from victims and perpetrators, including members of Wang’s own family, as well as archival footage, vintage propaganda materials and intimate first-hand accounts of the policy’s horrific consequences. A stunning, nuanced indictment of a program that prioritized a national agenda over human life, the film is a unique combination of personal and investigative filmmaking. Using essayistic, participatory and observational documentary styles, Nanfu and Jialing have created an unparalleled chronicle of Chinese history to preserve the collective memories of those who lived through the policy and those who still suffer from its effects.


Best Documentary Feature

Nanfu Wang, Jialing Zhang (Directed by)
Christoph Jörg, Julie Goldman, Christopher Clements, Carolyn Hepburn, Nanfu Wang, Jialing Zhang (Produced by)

Best Cinematography

Nanfu Wang
Yuanchen Liu

Best Sound Mixing

Ron Bochar (Re-recording Mixer)

Best Original Score

Nathan Halpern
Chris Ruggiero

Best Sound Editing

Ron Bochar (Supervising Sound Editor)
Sara Stern, Philip Stockton, Allan Zaleski, Michael Shade
(Sound Editors)

Best Film Editing

Nanfu Wang

Official Trailer

By Giving Her Away